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Post COVID-19 Retrofits

The week of May 17th, 2020, Facebook, Twitter, Shopify, and Coinbase all announced plans and preparation for a “Remote-First” future. These announcements are sure to see thousands of companies to follow suit, which will ensure that hundreds of thousands of Bay Area professionals will have a new outlook and expectation of workplace safety. Business owners everywhere will have to quickly adjust their safety protocol. 

“Due to social distancing requirements, many business owners are realizing that they may only be able to retain upwards of 50% of employees that they plan on having return to their offices at most. Existing and effective space now becomes a valuable asset." - Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase.

As our employees return to work, meticulous preparation and planning around how to provide an environment where people feel safe and comfortable is of the utmost importance. Not only will our employees be judging us more closely, but so will local enforcement agencies. It is up to us to ensure a safe and efficient environment.

Post COVID-19 Retrofits: Services

The people leading our companies need to ensure that employee safety is of the utmost importance.  We want our staff to be able to work stress-free and we want our employees to understand that we will have their best and healthiest interests in mind.

At Artista Design Build we will do our best to keep abreast of current workplace regulations. We will ensure that we provide the latest in safety, sanitization and control of the Covid-19 Virus while our employees are onsite. 

Whether you’re a commercial office, beauty salon, or restaurant, Artista will help you design and safeguard your new office space to match the specific needs of the next evolution, with the focus on maximizing your potential business value.

Leadership Responsibilities:

Ensure that the workplace is safe and instill this confidence in every customer and employee. 

People can work in places where they are able to stay healthy overall and minimize exposure to pathogens that can cause illness.

Employees should not be in fear for their personal safety. This can result in depression and be a direct cause of a failure of personal productivity.

Employees need to feel safe at work. This will require ‘Teamwork’ and an atmosphere that lets everyone know that we all have to contribute to our safety.

Leadership must be taught in the ‘The New way of the Workplace Environment’ and to   be able to ensure that everyone is working in a safe environment.

Core Use Cases


Salons & Parlors

Commercial Office Space

Retrofitting Process

1) Initial meeting with key players in order to review and assess the existing protocol and procedures that are now in place.

2) Complete a review of the management and employee interaction procedures.

3) Complete a review of procedural

interactions with new and existing customers. 

4) Review safety protocol now in place.

5) Artista will provide an outline of existing protocol deficiencies along with an outline of requirements to meet Covid-19 workplace environments as described by governing authorities.

6) Artista will provide a complete analysis and budget to accomplish the goals of the company and to help create a safe environment for its employees.

7) Business/Partners/Community/Policy Assurance

8) Entry Protocol, Cleanliness/Sanitation Areas, Detox Areas, Establish Separation Protocol

9) Desk Areas/Sanitation/Separation, Meeting Rooms Protocol

10) Education including Workplace Habits

Post COVID-19 Retrofits: List
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